Blind intersections are a safety hazard for both forklifts and pedestrians. Over 40% of all forklift accidents involve pedestrians who often do not survive the incident. LOOK-OUT™ is a warning light device that uses motion sensors to warn on-coming traffic that there is a possible danger around blind corners. LOOK-OUT™ Collision/Pedestrian Awareness System Lets pedestrians and forklift operators know if someone is just around the corner with the New LOOK-OUT™ LOOK-OUT™ 4-Way warning light can monitor traffic from 4 different directions. • Avoid deadly & costly forklift collisions • 100,000 hours lamp life • Indoor, outdoor and cooler applications • Adjustable sensors can detect moving objects 32 feet away LOOK-OUT™ 2-Way ITEM DESCRIPTION PRICE LOOKOUT-2-B Look-Out 2-Way Collision/Pedestrian Warning System $1,090.00 LOOKOUT-3-CM-B Look-Out 3-Way Pedestrian Warning System - Ceiling Mount $1,360.00 LOOKOUT-3-RM-B Look-Out 3-Way Pedestrian Warning System - Rack Mount $1,130.00 LOOKOUT-4-B Look-Out 4-Way Collision/Pedestrian Warning System $1,570.00 Options TRANSFORMER-B Optional Internal Universal Transformer for Conduit Installations $120.00 RSCABLE-20-B Remote Sensor Cable 20’ with Wall or Rack Bracket $130.00 ALARM-B Optional Audible Alarm $160.00 BURSTRED-B Optional Red Burst of Light Under Look-Out $270.00 SAFETY ACCESSORIES Buy it Online! All the products in this catalog can be found on www LiftTruckStuff com 34 PREVENT USE OF UNSAFE EQUIPMENT. The Equipment Lock-Out box will lock-out your lift truck (or other equipment) until repairs are made. Comes complete with lock-out tag, straps and lock. Size: 6.5” L x 3.5” W x 2.5” D Size: 10.25” L x 4” W x 2.25” D Lock-Out Box LOCKBOX-E $4500 LOCKBOX-S-E (Same Key) $4500 Multi-Use Lock-Out Box * Lockout Device for SB, SBX, and DIN Connectors * Made of durable polypropylene * Fits 50, 175, and 350 amp connectors * Has two padlock positions for OSHA lock-out/tag-out programs * Instructions molded into cover in three languages - English, Spanish, and French SB Connector Lockbox SB Connector Lockbox SBLB-D $7500 Forklift Battery Connectors 110-220-550 Volt AC Plugs Forklift Propane Connectors Cylinders 12 Volt DC Starter Batteries Valves Locks out a multiple of applications! LOCK-OUT APPLICATIONS AT THE ENERGY SOURCE The Equipment Lock-Out Box is a lock-out and tag-out system that locks-out and tags-out your lift truck or other material handling equipment until repairs are made. This minimizes workplace injury by preventing the use of unsafe and malfunctioning facility equipment, water and gas outlets. The Lock-Out Box can also be used to lock-out / tag-out devices such as forklift battery connectors, propane cylinder valves etc. The Lock-Out Box comes complete with lock-out box, lock-out tags, straps, lock and key. This Lock-Out Box was awarded Plant Engineering 2008 product of the year. A simple solution to important employee safety. The top and bottom are numbered to keep track of each incident. Each tag is perforated so the bottom can be removed and attached to the work order. Double sided tape to attach to work orders. Each tag comes with a pull strap to attach to the equipment. Lock-Out Tags Set of 25 Lock-Out Tags comes complete with 25 straps. Each tag is perforated so the bottom can be removed and adhesive double sided tape allows it to be attached to work orders. Size: 6” x 2-7/8” Lock-Out Tags (Box of 25) TAG25-E $5200 * Prices are subject to change without notice. Shipping extra on all products. SAFETY ACCESSORIES Buy it Online! Free Stuff! Posters, Videos & Articles 35 *Returns are subject to a restocking fee plus shipping charges. Safe-Speed Forklift Speed Alert Radar System When forklift operators travel too fast in a high pedestrian traffic area, safety is in jeopardy. Safe-Speed is a radar detection system that alerts the operator to “SLOW DOWN” when they have exceeded the safe speed limit of a particular area. The Safe-Speed has been specifically designed for industrial equipment as it can detect traffic movement as low as 3 mph. An optional 12 volt flashing light or warning buzzer can also be installed (buzzer included). • Speed Range: 3 mph (4 kph) to 120 mph (199 kph). Set by dip settings up to 30 mph or 50 kph • Accuracy: +/- 1.5 kph • Driver Feed Back Sign Housing: Weatherproof 370x420x90 mm 14.5” x 16.5” x 3.5” • LED Display Characters: SLOW DOWN, 4” (100 mm) high Super Bright white LEDs • Weight: 3 kg or 6.6 lbs • Power: 110 volts • Display Brightness: Auto adjusts to light conditions • Sensor Range: 160 feet (50 m) • Beam Width: 30/40 degrees • Output allows for a light or buzzer to be installed (buzzer included, light not included) Safe-Speed Forklift Speed Alert Radar System SAFESPEED-B $1,85000 Three 100 lbs magnets that attach to any rack system