SAFETY ACCESSORIES SAFETY ACCESSORIES Buy it Online! All the products in this catalog can be found on www LiftTruckStuff com Buy it Online! Free Stuff! Posters, Videos & Articles 31 30 * Prices are subject to change without notice. Shipping extra on all products. *Returns are subject to a restocking fee plus shipping charges. • Attaches in seconds • Universal for forklift, utility & security carts • SUPERCLEAR material • Impact resistant vinyl INSTALL ON FRONT, TOP OR BACK! PROTECTS FROM RAIN OR SNOW! Forkshield Weather Guard FSD01-D $11000 Overhead Guard Rain Shields This easy to install rain guard will protect your operators from rain or snow. Atrium Full Forklift Enclosure • Durable vinyl plastic • Maintains operator visibility • Cold crack resistance of -10o F • Great for windy conditions • Securable with Velcro straps for easy installation • Fits almost any counterbalance lift truck • Prevents cold air from entering operator compartment Large 6,000 -12,000 lbs ATR-2-D $33000 Since 1999, ClearCap™, has been providing rugged and well designed roof covers for current and late model lift trucks. Made of high impact, non-yellowing poly carbonate plastic, ClearCap™ provides relief from rain, snow, dust and sunlight for operators. Easy to Install, Reasonably Priced: ClearCap™ is quick and easy to install. No drilling or tapping is required; eliminating expensive shop time. Provide us with your overhead guard dimensions or lift truck model and we’ll help you find a ClearCap™ that fits your forklift. A Clear Solution to a Common Problem Designed to divert rain and small particulates away from the operator. Four slotted holes and cam lock nylon straps allow for a simple, secure and tool-free installation in seconds. ClearCap™ features a unique dome design that diverts rain and small particulates away from the operator. Channels and gutters eliminate cascading water. This alternative to shrink-wrap, plywood, and cardboard provides greater operator comfort and safety. ClearCaps™. OSHA standard 1917.43 (e)(1)(ii): clearly states that “Overhead guards shall not obstruct the operator’s view.” Model # DESCRIPTION PRICE CC1000-B 35”W x 43 5”L $270 00 CC1001-B 37”W x 43 5”L $270 00 CC1002-B 39”W x 43 5”L $270 00 CC1006-B 39”W x 52”L $340 00 CC1012-B 39”W x 38 5”L $270 00 CC1017-B 50 5”W x 45”L $340 00 CC1018-B 53 25”W x 45”L $340 00 CC1013-B 31”W x 38 5”L $270 00 CC1003-B 31” W x 43 5”L $270 00 CC1015-B 33”W x 43 5”L $270 00 CC1008-B 35”W x 38 5”L $270 00 CC1009-B 36”W x 38 5”L $270 00 CC1007-B 42”W x 45 5”L $340 00 CC1010-B 45”W x 38 5”L $340 00 CC1004-B 45 5”W x 43 5”L $340 00 CC1005-B 44 5”W x 51 5”L $340 00 CC1011-B 47”W x 38 5”L $340 00 CC1019-B 48 25”W x 45”L $340 00 CC1016-B 42”W x 42”L $340 00 Model # DESCRIPTION PRICE CC1000-T-B 35”W x 43 5”L $320 00 CC1001-T-B 37”W x 43 5”L $320 00 CC1002-T-B 39”W x 43 5”L $320 00 CC1006-T-B 39”W x 52”L $370 00 CC1012-T-B 39”W x 38 5”L $320 00 CC1017-T-B 50 5”W x 45”L $370 00 CC1018-T-B 53 25”W x 45”L $370 00 CC1013-T-B 31”W x 38 5”L $320 00 CC1003-T-B 31”W x 43 4”L $320 00 CC1015-T-B 33”W x 43 5”L $320 00 CC1008-T-B 35”W x 38 5”L $320 00 CC1009-T-B 36”W x 38 5”L $320 00 CC1007-T-B 42”W x 45 5”L $370 00 CC1010-T-B 45”W x 38 5”L $370 00 CC1004-T-B 45 5”W x 43 5”L $370 00 CC1005-T-B 44 5”W x 51 5”L $370 00 CC1011-T-B 47”W x 38 5”L $370 00 CC1019-T-B 48 25”W x 45”L $370 00 CC1016-T-B 42”W x 42”L $370 00 Clear Model With Tinted UV Protection Standard Up to 6,000 lbs ATR-1-D $32000 Measurement details: 40” L x 45.5” W Solar Cap Canopy Protection • No more squinting while transporting an overhead load • Get more coverage with a see through visor • Stay shaded from direct sun-light • Made from durable anti-glare material Solar Cap SC1-D $12500 Measurement details: 52.5” L x 46” W The TuffCab Panel Cab Enclosure comes complete with windshields, roofs and rear panels that can be purchased and installed individually or in sets. They are simple, easy to install and cost-effective. TuffCabs are made of durable heavy gauge steel and tempered safety glass construction. Windshields include a 12-volt wiper. They offer excellent visibility with a large roof view and rear window panel for backup protection. The TuffCab Forklift Panel Cab Enclosure TuffCab Features: Full enclosures or Individual components available Reliable and Affordable Durable steel & Safety Glass Construction Easy clamp-on installation Fast lead times Windshield includes 12V wiper Vinyl curtains ITEM TUFF CAB FOR TOYOTA MODELS 8FGU25, 30, 35 PRICE FT1003F-A Toyota Front Windshield with Wiper $890.00 FT1003T-A Toyota Roof Panel $640.00 FT1003PR-A Toyota Partial Rear Window $480.00 FT1003VC-A Toyota Side Curtains $890.00 ITEM TUFF CAB FOR TOYOTA MODELS 8FG40U, 45U, 50U PRICE FT2003F-A Toyota Front Windshield with Wiper $890.00 FT2003T-A Toyota Roof Panel $640.00 FT2003PR-A Toyota Partial Rear Window $480.00 FT2003VC-A Toyota Side Curtains $890.00 Vinyl Curtains to keep the operator protected from all sides Partial Rear Window keeps out the elements but allows for clear line of sight while in reverse The Durable Steel & Front Safety Glass operator windshield comes with a 12V wiper The Roof Panel keeps operators dry while also allowing for visibility while lifting high loads