EZ-FIT Harness & 6’ Lightweight Lanyard Combo EZFIT-C $23000 EZ-FIT 6’ Retractable Lanyard EZRET-C $26000 EZ-FIT 6’ Lightweight Lanyard EZLAN6-C $10500 EZ-FIT 4’ Lightweight Lanyard EZLAN4-C $10500 EZ-FIT Harness Only EZHAR-C $17500 EZ-FIT Extra Large Harness Only EZHARXL-C $17500 *Harness Bag included with all harness and lanyard combo purchases Comfortable, supportive padding on back, shoulders and legs. Quick connect bayonet style buckles. Extended D-Ring with velcro strap. Highly reflective strapping throughout. The EZ-Fit 6’ Shock Absorbing retractable lanyard prevents snagging and tripping by staying behind and out of the way of the worker. The retractable webbing will instantly arrest a free fall within inches rather than the 3 ½ feet needed for the traditional lanyard. Features: • Inner core shock absorber smoothly expands to absorb shock and prevent injury • Unique tamper signalling system alerts workers to a previously deployed lanyard • Built-in swivel prevents lifeline from twisting • Rated for up to 400 lbs. user • EZ twist-lock carabiner • EZ Locking snap hook – ¾” The shock absorbing safety lanyard features nylon webbing that is not only durable it is also extremely lightweight which reduces worker fatigue. Features: • Available in 4’ or 6’ • Simple and practical • Prevents injury in the event of a fall • Max Fall Arrest Force: 900 lbs. The EZ-Fit Comfort Harness is a perfect economical solution to achieving supreme operator comfort when working with heights. Rated for up to 400 lbs user. EZ-Fit 6’ Retractable Lanyard EZ-Fit Lightweight Shock Absorbing Lanyard *Lanyard is OSHA/ANSI compliant *Lanyard is OSHA/ANSI compliant *Harness is OSHA/ANSI compliant The Pallet Truck with Scale allows you to weigh your load as you are handling it. The frame uses heavy-duty steel construction for maximum strength and durability. This model is very user friendly and is suitable for low height lifting. Standard with an on-board charger and AC adaptor. Pallet Truck w/ Scale - 99 9% Accurate U-Shaped Platform Scale Portable Floor Scale NOT LEGAL FOR TRADE ITEM PLATFORM SIZE CAPACITY PRICE VPFS-3B-B 39 1/2” x 47 3/4” 3,000 lbs $3,850.00 VPFS-3C-B 59” x 59” 3,000 lbs $4,740.00 Pallet Truck Scale 22 3/8”W x 48”L PM-2048-SCL-LP-B $2,98000 Pallet Truck Scale 27 5”W x 48”L PM-2748-SCL-LP-B $3,16000 Pallet Truck Scale with Printer 27 5”W x 48”L PM-2748-SCL-LP-PT-B $3,75000 ACCURACY AT A GREAT VALUE • Capacity is 5,000 lb. • Load cells built into forks • 99.9% accurate • Mettler Toledo TM scale • Service range: 3” to 7.5” • 40 hours continuous battery use (approximately) • Push-button tare, clear and zero • Programmable auto shut-off • Available in lbs. or kg. This scale is designed to handle pallets, and is easy to move and store. Ideal for moving around the work place where there is not enough room for a fixed scale. Scale is suitable for weighing in a warehouse, storehouse, or general use. Includes two (2) wheels and handle for easy portability. Equipped with four (4) heavy duty load cells and a deluxe indicator head. Display powered by 115V AC, cord included. Surface width is 5” wide. Constructed of heavy-duty steel. Portable Floor Scales are ideal for easy transportation and weighing of goods at multiple locations. The scale has a nonslip diamond plate surface. Fold down low gradual ramps are fixed to the platform. Ramps make the scale ideal for wheeling pallet trucks, dollies, carts and containers on and off the platform. Four alloy steel load cells and deluxe scale indictor head. Display powered by (6) six AA Cell batteries or 115V, 1 phase AC power, cord included. Indexing accuracy is 1.1 pounds. Safe-Weigh: Lift Truck Check Weigh System The SAFE-WEIGH series on-board weighing system is designed to give high accuracy at a budget price. This microprocessor based weight system is connected to the hydraulic lifting system on lift trucks or similar machines.A load can be placed on the forks and can be accurately weighed by measuring the hydraulic pressure. Designed for heavy industrial use, the lift truck can weigh a load in under 15 seconds. This will ensure your shipments will not exceed trailer capacity, waybills match actual weight, lift truck capacity is not exceeded and material inventory matches actual weight. Once you use the SAFE-WEIGH, you will wonder how you managed without it. The SAFE-WEIGH is accurate to +/- 1% of the lift truck capacity. Hydraulic Scale FEATURES • Stainless steel case and transducer • Easy to read, user friendly • External on/off switch • Selectable capacity and division sizes • kg. or lb. unit is selectable • Capacity up to 99,999 lb. • 1 year warranty • 12-48V Operating Voltage NOT LEGAL FOR TRADE Functions • Tare Weight (zero out container weight) • Total Weight (totals the weight of many pallets) • Over Weight Alarm if load exceeds lift truck capacity SAFE-Weigh SAWE-C $2,65000 +1 / -1% ACCURACY OF THE LIFT TRUCK CAPACITY Note: No DC-DC Converter Required for 24-48V Electric Trucks. U-Shaped Platform Scale 48”x56”x4-3/4” - 6,000 lbs capacity VPU-6-B $1,99000 SCALES FALL PROTECTION Buy it Online! Free Stuff! Posters, Videos & Articles 25 *Returns are subject to a restocking fee plus shipping charges. Buy it Online! All the products in this catalog can be found on www LiftTruckStuff com 24 * Prices are subject to change without notice. Shipping extra on all products.