LED LIGHTS Buy it Online! All the products in this catalog can be found on www LiftTruckStuff com 16 Brite-Lite LED Forklift Headlight ECO LED Forklift Headlight (2) 10W Cree LED’s 50,000 Hour Lifespan Brightness: 1500 lumens Operating Voltage: 9 - 64V Size: 4.33” x 3.58” x 2.42” Brite-Lite LED Forklift Headlight BRITELITE-C $9500 ECO LED Forklift Headlight EHD-C $7000 LED Headlights will almost never have to be serviced. The Brite-Lite is perfectly suited for rough forklift applications including high impacts and vibration. The LED light lifespan is rated for 50,000 hours compared to 5,000 hours for incandescent lights. The Brite-Lite uses (2) 10-Watt Cree LEDs at an operating voltage of 9-64V. Manufactured with a Potted Circuit Board to increase the life of the light and an aluminum housing with heat dissipation fin on the back. Includes bracket to install multiple units together for added brightness. The ECO LED Headlight is economically priced to replace all the incandescent forklift headlights in your lift truck fleet. It offers a long life of 50,000 hours which means you will never have to replace bulbs again. 500 lumens of light will give off a luminous, clear light without blinding pedestrians working alongside the forklift. The ECO LED Headlight is great for all applications and lift truck models. Comes with a 2-year replacement warranty. Yellow Light: Regular Forklift Incandescent Light White Light: Brite-Lite LED Light Voltage: 9-64V Power: 6 x 3W, 18W Operating Temp: -40 F to 185 F Lifespan: 50,000 hrs IP67 - Dustproof, Waterproof, Shatterproof Material: Discast aluminum housing Bracket: Stainless Steel Lens: PC *Can be mounted on the rear of the truck. BATTERY SAFETY The Dissipater REPLACEMENT BATTERY CAP Battery maintenance has never been this easy! Watering Gun Buddy REPLACEMENT BATTERY CAP Retractable Battery Watering Gun Hose Reel The Dissipater $850ea. DISSA-C (BBI, C&D, Crown, GNB batteries) DISSB-C (EXIDE, and General batteries) Battery Watering Gun Just insert into the battery cell and pull the trigger. Automatically fills the cell to the correct level, then shuts off. Never overfill a battery cell again. EZ-Reach model uses an 20” nozzle compared to the 9” standard nozzle. DeIonizer Battery Water Filtration System Removes iron and other trace minerals that can shorten battery life. One cartridge cleans approximately 600 gallons. DeIonizer Filtration System DKITPS-300-D $56000 DCARPS-600-D (replacement cartridge) $25000 Watering Cart This 10 gallon watering cart contains a battery, charger and a built-in 12 volt pump that automatically turns off when fill lever is shut off. Watering gun sold separately. Portable Watering Cart CARTW-C $95000 • Reduce Watering Intervals • Instant Electrolyte Level Indication • Prevent Acid Overflow • Ergonomic Easy On/Off Switching • Filters Harmful Battery Emissions • Durable polypropylene casing • Includes handy swivel wall mount bracket • Installs in minutes • 50’ length retractable 1/2” PVC hose with auto-locking and release • Hose guide system provides a slow, controlled retraction • Working pressure of 150 PSI • Features an easy quick connect on the end of the hose for the watering gun The Dissipater is a revolutionary battery maintenance cap that offers you five saving advantages: *Quantity discounts available ITEM DESCRIPTION PRICE AQLP4-6-B* 12 volt, 6 cells $160.00 AQLP4-12-B* 24 volt, 12 cells $260.00 AQLP4-18-B* 36 volt, 18 cells $350.00 AQLP4-24-B* 48 volt, 24 cells $460.00 USPRGKIT-A Pressure regulator, refilling hose(required) $195.00 *Please call for pricing on replacement and accessory parts · Quick and easy one point connection · Prevents over-filling of battery cells · Prevents missed watered battery cells · Ensures correct water level. · Increase safety · Polycarbonate construction · Note: Pressure Regulator is required to use watering system Batt 1000 - Battery Cleaner and Protector Formulated to penetrate and emulsify dirt, grease and corrosive deposits(acid) to protect and lengthen the life of your battery. A safe, fast and convenient method of neutralizing battery acid. Just spray and wipe clean with a rag. Batt 1000 Battery Cleaner B1000-E $1800 Watering Gun Buddy Kit with Watering Gun WGBKIT-C $25000 Battery Watering Gun - 9” SFS-100-D $14000 EZ-Reach Battery Watering Gun - 20” EZR-100-D $19000 Batt 1000 Battery Cleaner - Case of 12 B1000-12-E $17000 Watering Gun Buddy Retractable Hose Reel Only WGB15-C $14000 Froetek Aqua Low Profile Battery Watering System Save time and increase safety with the Aqua Low Profile Battery Watering System. The low profile battery caps are specially engineered to fit most of the forklift battery brands on the market. This simple and reliable design allows the battery watering system to operate with only two moving parts. The Fluid Level Indicator shows the watering requirements for each cell at a glance and the single point delivery reduces battery watering time dramatically. Note: A Pressure Regulator is required to use the battery watering systems. *Note: GNB Brand of Batteries requires a different system. Call for details. BATTERY SAFETY * Prices are subject to change without notice. Shipping extra on all products. Buy it Online! Free Stuff! Posters, Videos & Articles 17 *Returns are subject to a restocking fee plus shipping charges. This unique product alerts pedestrians and vehicles of nearby overhead crane use. Specifications: Power: 140 Watts Voltage: 9-32 VDC, can run on up to 277 VAC with optional power converter LEDs: 14 x 100 watt (Cree LED) LED Color: Red or Blue Beam Type: Spot or Line Beam Lifespan: Up to 50,000 hrs Size: 7.7” x 3.1” x 8.7” (195 x 78 x 221mm) Working Temp: -45~185°F Warranty: 2 Years ITEM DESCRIPTION PRICE CRANELITER-A Overhead Crane LED Pedestrian Warning Light 9-32 VDC - RED $380.00 CRANELITEB-A Overhead Crane LED Pedestrian Warning Light 9-32 VDC - BLUE $380.00 SLPC-A Single Crane Light Power Converter 100 - 277 VAC $160.00 QLPC-A Quad Crane Light Power Converter 100 - 277 VAC $420.00 *Line Lens Attached For Line Configuration *No Lens For Beam Configuration Quad line configuration (4 separate lights - available in red or blue or a mix) Four spot configuration (available in red or blue or a mix)