DOCK ACCESSORIES/EQUIPMENT Buy it Online! All the products in this catalog can be found on www LiftTruckStuff com 54 Complete Wheel Chock Safety System Molded Rubber Wheel Chocks Pyramid with Eye Hook 8” wide x 9” long x 6” high 8 lbs Chock #60-7204-C $30 00 System #60-7204CS-C $190 00 Molded Rubber Wheel Chocks With Integral Handle 7 25” wide x 9 75” long x 7 75” high 13 lbs Chock #60-7250-C $40 00 System #60-7250CS-C $210 00 Molded Rubber Wheel Chocks Solid Pyramid with U-Handle 8” wide x 10” long x 5” high 12 lbs Chock #60-7206-C $50 00 System #60-7206CS-C $210 00 Laminated Rubber Wheel Chock Model 88-8 8” wide x 8” long x 8” high 14 lbs Chock #60-7200-C $60 00 System #60-7200CS-C $220 00 (not recommended for ice) Orange Urethane Wheel Chock Model 811-11 11” wide x 8” long x 8” high 4 5 lbs Chock #60-7208-C $80 00 System #60-7208CS-C $250 00 Steel Wheel Chocks IC-10 Formed Steel Ice Chock 8” wide x 10 5” long x 9 25” high 9 lbs Chock #60-7284-C $80 00 System #60-7284CS-C $240 00 AluminumWheel Chocks 7” wide x 11 5” long x 8” high 6 lbs Chock #60-7210-C $100 00 System #60-7210CS-C $260 00 AluminumWheel Chocks 6” wide x 6 8” long x 6” high 3 5 lbs Chock #60-7211-C $80 00 System #60-7211CS-C $240 00 Cast Ductile Iron Wheel Chock 8” wide x 12” long x 9” high 28 lbs Chock #60-7280-C $140 00 System #60-7280CS-C $300 00 Cast Ductile Iron Wheel Chock 8 5” wide x 7 25” long x 8 5” high 14 lbs Chock #60-7290-C $80 00 System #60-7290CS-C $240 00 Wheel Chock Wall Bracket Model 60-7252-C $80 00 Economical Wheel Chock Caution Sign Model 60-7242-C $25 00 15’ Length Tie Back Chain Model 60-7238-C $45 00 Reverse Image Wheel Chock Caution Sign Model 60-7243-C $40 00 Complete Wheel Chock System Models Comes with Chock, Bracket, 15’ chain and reverse caution chock sign * Prices are subject to change without notice. Shipping extra on all products. DOCK ACCESSORIES/EQUIPMENT Sure-Lite Exterior Sure-Lite Interior Standard LED Dock Light • 80% less energy than incandescent or halogen bulbs • Achieves maximum light intensity instantly • No fragile filament to break • No shattered glass to sweep up • Light is optimized for trailer illumination • Ideal for use in food warehouses • Voltage range for use world wide • Voltage input: 100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz, Single Phase • UL, cUL, CE certified and RoHs compliant • Reach: 40” and 60” (1016mm and 1524mm) • Shipping weight: 15 lbs TCS 3000 Sure-Lite The Sure-Lite is an unrivaled, low cost alternative to maintain communication between truck drivers and loading dock attendants. The red and green LED lights are instantly understood as “Stop” and “Go”, providing clear signals to dock attendants inside the building and truck drivers outside the building. Dock Traffic Lights TCS 3000 Sure-Dock Looking through their mirrors, truck drivers can safely center their truck and/or trailer in between the Sure-Dock. Docking maneuvers can be dangerous and costly when mistakes are made due to poor visibility. *Sold Individually. Standard LED Dock Light - 40” Arm 60-5441-C $34000 Standard LED Dock Light - 60” Arm 60-5442-C $36000 Part # Description Price 60-5414-C TCS-3000 Sure-Dock 12-24V Single Phase $220.00 Part # Description Price 60-5411-C TCS-3000 Sure-Lite Exterior 12-24V Single Phase $220.00 60-5412-C TCS-3000 Sure-Lite Interior 12-24V Single Phase $220.00 Sure-Dock Lite Low profile: 1/2” thick to Eliminate Impact Damage! • Control entry to parking garages, loading dock areas and drive-thrus. • Parking lot entrances and exits or any high traffic areas. • Guide trucks backing into loading docks. • Warn workers and drivers of hazardous situations. Sure-Dock assists trucks drivers to perfectly align the trailer to the correct dock position. Buy it Online! Free Stuff! Posters, Videos & Articles 55 *Returns are subject to a restocking fee plus shipping charges. *Indoor and Outdoor Dock Signs available upon request. Get a full spectrum view of your trailer with these new chameleon style LED lights! Just like the chameleon you’ll be able to see in any direction! System includes: • Moulded rubber wheel chock with eye hook • 15 foot chain • 12” x 24” Chock Wheels Sign • Bracket Benefits: The 2 LED lights included can pivot and be adjusted in many different directions to completely illuminate your trailer 40 inch arm 110 volt A/C adapter plugs into wall for easy installation 50,000 hrs lifespan on each light 1500 Lumens each Low Profile Design prevents damage from lift truck impacts Impact Resistant CSA & U/L Listed Adapter Adjustable Lights prevent light blindness in operator’s eyes IP67 Rated, Water Resistant and Dustproof Illuminate The Entire Trailer With Two Adjustable LED Lights! Chameleon LED Dock Light CHAMLITE-C $24000 BEFORE AFTER Complete Wheel Chock Safety System 60-7258CS-C $20000 Wheel Chock Only 60-7258-C $4500