ATTACHMENTS Buy it Online! Free Stuff! Posters, Videos & Articles 47 SEAT BELTS Buy it Online! All the products in this catalog can be found on www LiftTruckStuff com 46 BBLP-1204-417-C SEBELT-C BBLP-1204-409-C 1-2592-26-C TWO POINT RETRACTABLE SEAT BELT WITH IGNITION ISOLATION SWITCH RETRACTABLE SEAT BELT ANTI-CINCH COMFORT SEAT BELT PRESS & RELEASE RETRACTABLE SEAT BELT These retractable seat belts have bright orange webbing to ensure your operators are buckled up. All are 55” in length and conform to all safety specifications. The optional ignition isolation switch feature prevents the truck from starting unless the seat belt is fastened. Anti-Cinch seat belts allow for increased operator maneuverability. ITEM DESCRIPTION LENGTH PRICE SEBELT-C Retractable Seat Belt 60“ $135.00 BBLP-1204-417-C Two Point Retractable Lap Belt with Ignition Isolation Switch 60“ $140.00 BBLP-1204-409-C Anti-Cinch Comfort Seat belt 60“ $145.00 1-2592-26-C Anti-Cinch Comfort Seat belt with Ignition Isolation Switch 60“ $170.00 PNRBELT-BL-C Press & Release Retractable Seat Belt (Black Webbing) 60” $210.00 PNRBELT-OR-C Press & Release Retractable Seat Belt (Orange Webbing) 60” $210.00 BIGBELT-C Big Boy Dual Retractor Seat Belt 110” $195.00 Forklift Seat Belts PNRBELT-BL-C - (Black Webbing) PNRBELT-OR-C - (Orange Webbing) ANTI-CINCH COMFORT SEAT BELT WITH IGNITION ISOLATION SWITCH The Press & Release Retractable Seat Belt allows the operator to manually adjust the tightness of the belt itself to a more comfortable level. To operate, the driver simply presses and holds the red button to release enough webbing to latch the tongue into the buckle while leaving ample slack to eliminate uncomfortable cinching into the abdomen. Available in black or orange webbing. The Big Boy Dual Retractor Seat Belt is specifically designed for the larger lift truck operators who find the standard size seat belts too confining and uncomfortable. The Big Boy Belt features a 55” retractable belt on both the buckle side and receptacle side of the seat belt allowing for a total length of 110”. Finally, there is a seat belt solution for the larger individual. Push this button and the belt retracts With Ignition Switch SAFEBELT-I-C $32000 SAFEBELT-R-C $28000 The SAFE-Belt is available in both Standard or with Ignition Switch. The Most Comfortable Seat-Belt Your Operators Will Ever Wear • Simple Arc style design greatly improves operator comfort, flexibility and maneuverability while operating a forklift • Spring Action Arm feature inhibits operator functionality ensuring operators are wearing their seat belt • Highly visible yellow colored end shows supervisors seat belts are not being worn • Easy to install and implement • Complies with Regulations Safe-Belt BIG BOY BELT DUAL RETRACTOR SEAT BELT BIGBELT-C Black & Orange Models Available! Pallet Dumper/Retainer This chain-actuated pallet dumper/retainer has finger-like retainers to hold the pallet in place while dumping. This unit is fork mounted, has a 2,000 lb. capacity and is held in place by a safety chain. Pallet Dumper/Retainer PAL-D/R-B $89000 Options The Fork Mounted Hook Base Attachment converts a lift truck into a tow truck for moving trailers and other portable equipment. This simple design slides onto the forks and secures into place with safety pins. Welded steel construction with powder coat blue finish. Optional pintle hook, tow balls, and lifting hooks available. Bolt on design. ITEM DESCRIPTION SIZE CAPACITY PRICE HOOK-S-4-B Hook w/ Shackle 10” x 3.5” 4,000 lbs. $60.00 HOOK-S-6-B Hook w/ Shackle 10” x 4.75” 6,000 lbs. $70.00 HOOK-S-10-B Hook w/ Shackle 14.5” x 6.5” 10,000 lbs. $210.00 ITEM DESCRIPTION PRICE FRS-4-12-B Fork Rear Spacers For 4” Wide Forks $220.00 FRS-5-12-B Fork Rear Spacers For 5” Wide Forks $230.00 FRS-6-12-B Fork Rear Spacers For 6” Wide Forks $250.00 ITEM FORK LENGTH LENGTH TO CENTER OF BALL CAPACITY PRICE HOOK-BASE-32-B 36” 32-3/8” 4,000 lbs. $570.00 HOOK-BASE-38-B 42” 38-3/8” 4,000 lbs. $620.00 HOOK-BASE-44-B 48” 44-3/8” 4,000 lbs. $650.00 ITEM BALL DIA. SHANK DIA. CAPACITY PRICE BALL-178-B 1 7/8” 1” 2,000 lbs. $20.00 BALL-200-B 2” 1” 5,000 lbs. $30.00 BALL-2516-B 2 5/16” 1” 5,000 lbs. $35.00 ITEM BALL DIA. VERTICAL CAPACITY TRAILER CAPACITY PRICE PINTLE-B 1 3/4” 2,000 lbs. 10,000 lbs. $130.00 The Hoisting Hook transforms any fork truck into an overhead lifting hoist. Fork openings are located on 13” centers. Secured to the lift truck by means of a 48” long safety restraint and screw clamps. This Hoisting Hook unit includes a heavy-duty swivel hook with safety clip. ITEM DESCRIPTION POCKET SIZE CAPACITY PRICE S-FORK-4/6-RL-B Single Fork Attachment Rigid 6” x 2¼” 4,000 lbs. $180.00 S-FORK-4/6-SL-B Single Fork Attachment Swivel 6” x 2¼” 4,000 lbs. $190.00 S-FORK-4-AT-B Single Fork Attachment Auto-Tension 8.5” x 1.5” 4,000 lbs. $330.00 D-FORK-4-RL-B Double Fork Attachment Rigid 7 1/4” x 2½” 4,000 lbs. $290.00 D-FORK-4-SL-B Double Fork Attachment Swivel 7 1/4” x 2½” 4,000 lbs. $300.00 D-FORK-10-SL-B Double Fork Attachment Swivel 6 5/16” x 3½” 10,000 lbs. $480.00 Single Fork Double Fork NOTE: Due to Volitile Market, Pricing on Metal Products is Subject to Change Without Notice Hoisting Hooks Auto-Tension Hoisting Hook, offers a unique design and adds tension as weight is added. Capacity 4,000 lbs. Unique design attaches to fork truck forks. Pass through fork tubes keep weight back towards fork truck mast. Locking pins secure snow plow to forks for safety. Manual pivot mechanism for angled plowing on both sides. Floating pads allow for adjustment of plowing height. The Fork Rear Spacers provide a 12” gap between the back of the fork and the pallet. This helps prevent damage to product caused by the back of the fork colliding with the product or longer forks protruding on the other end of the pallet. Practical for pushing pallets two or three deep into a trailer conveniently and easily. To install, insert the loop of the spacer at the tip of the fork and slide along until the loop reaches the heel of the fork to lay down flat. Models available for 4”, 5” and 6” wide forks. Fork Truck Snow Plow Fork Truck Snow Plow SPB-N-72-A $3,26000 • Platform Size 54” x54” • 12” Long Beveled Lip • 6” High Side Guards • 7-1/2” x 2-1/2” Fork Pockets • Capacity 2,000 lbs. • (4) Tie Down Rings Fork Truck Loading Platform FTLP-5454-B $1,73000 Economical Portable Loading Platform The safest and quickest way for one person to load and unload cargo or equipment. Works great for locations without a loading dock. Optional handrail available. Fork Truck Loading Platform with Options FTLP-5454-HR-B $2,30000 *Features Handrails on two sides, back mesh screen and chains FTLP-5454-B FTLP-5454-HR-B Optional Weight for Better Plowing Performance SPB-N-WT-A $64000 Auto Tension S-FORK-4-AT-B Fork Mounted Hook Base Fork Rear Spacers *Fits up to a 5” wide x 2” thick fork * Prices are subject to change without notice. Shipping extra on all products. *Returns are subject to a restocking fee plus shipping charges.