FACILITY PROTECTION Buy it Online! Free Stuff! Posters, Videos & Articles 41 FACILITY PROTECTION Buy it Online! All the products in this catalog can be found on www LiftTruckStuff com 40 Column Protectors Affordable protection for warehouse and factory columns and beams. These HDPE protectors fit 6”, 8”, 10” and 12” round and square supports. Two halves attach with easy-to-install straps. Narrow Column Protector Narrow Column Protector Fits 4”- 6” Columns Size: 13” x 13” x 42” 1704-C....................$31000 Economical way to protect against damage to pallet racking and wall corners. Constructed of 6” or 8” structural steel “C” channel. Available with or without a rubber bumper. Easy to install to concrete surface. Four mounting holes for maximum stability. Safety yellow powder coat finish. Installation hardware sold separately. Corner Protectors HDPE Corner Protectors deflect the impact, helping to protect plant areas prone to damage by fork truck, hand truck, or personnel traffic. Easily install on overhead door frames, H-frame racking, factory corners, use horizontally as rack guards or on loading docks. Sold in pairs. Corner Protectors 21” Pair 1720-C $15000 Structural Rack Guards Portable Safety Zone Barrier System Corner Protectors 42” Pair 1725-C $25000 Overhead Door Track Protector MODEL OVERALL HEIGHT USABLE OPENING PRICE G6-12-A 12.25” 4-9/16” X 3-11/16” $80.00 G6-18-A 18.25” 4-9/16” X 3-11/16” $90.00 G6-24-A 24.25” 4-9/16” X 3-11/16” $110.00 G6-36-A 36.25” 4-9/16” X 3-11/16” $140.00 AS-125-4PK-A CONCRETE ANCHOR BOLTS (4) 1/2” X 5” $25.00 Structural Rack Guard MODEL OVERALL HEIGHT USABLE OPENING PRICE G6-12-B-A 12.25” 4-9/16” X 2-7/8” $110.00 G6-18-B-A 18.25” 4-9/16” X 2-7/8” $140.00 G6-24-B-A 24.25” 4-9/16” X 2-7/8” $180.00 G6-36-B-A 36.25” 4-9/16” X 2-7/8” $220.00 AS-125-4PK-A CONCRETE ANCHOR BOLTS (4) 1/2” X 5” $25.00 Structural Rack Guard with Rubber Bumpers ITEM SIZE (INCHES) PRICE 1706-B 24” x 24” x 42” (6” Columns) $440.00 1708-B 24” x 24” x 42” (8” Columns) $440.00 1710-B 24” x 24” x 42” (10” Columns) $440.00 1712-B 24” x 24” x 42” (12” Columns) $440.00 SIZE ORIENTATION *LOOKING FROM INSIDE TO OUTSIDE* PART # PRICE (EA) 24” Right 60-5090 $130.00 Left 60-5091 36” Right 60-5092 $150.00 Left 60-5093 48” Right 60-5094 $160.00 Left 60-5095 45 degree flange adds strength, protects from side impact. 7-gauge steel construction, powder coated safety yellow for high visibility. 1/4” foot plate drilled with slotted holes for three 1/2” anchors. Wall flange drilled with slotted holes for three 3/8” anchors. Available in 24”, 36” and 48” tall sections. Protect overhead door tracks from accidental impact and reduce maintenance costs. Safe-Bump Forklift Bumpers Specifically designed for forklifts, these bumpers reduce damage in many applications. Safe-Bump attaches with two 100 lb magnets and (VHB) two way tape. Safe-Bump attaches to 4” and 5” forks in seconds. Safe-Bump is only 1.5” thick and protects product from damage. Safe-Bump protects both the truck and anything the truck hits. Safe-Bump can be applied almost anywhere protection is required. Safe-Bump can bend 900 to wrap around corners for maximum protection. Safe-Bump Forklift Bumper (Yellow) SAFEBUMP-Y-E $9500 ea. Size: 18” L x 4” W x 1.5” D Magnets: two 100 lb magnets Each bumper includes 2 magnets, two way tape and fork brackets. Features & Benefits: • Reduces pallet damage by redirecting a forklifts impact to center block of the pallet • Low profile impact bumper reduces product damage by avoiding contact with product that overhangs the front of the pallet • Installed and can be removed in minutes with a socket wrench • Compatible with any Class II forklift carriage • Includes spacer plate to ensure a tight fit to forklift carriage • High impact resistant nylon material • Weighs only 7 lbs Pallet Dawg Forklift Carriage Bumper Pallet Dawg PALDAWG-B $15000 Bull Dawg (Steel Reinforced) BULLDAWG-B $17500 The Fork-Kushions offer a resilient yet durable solution by equipping a forklift truck with specially engineered polyurethane bumpers that are mounted to the upright of the fork. These highly engineered bumpers provide cushioning protection from marring, denting and other forms of damage. The unique structure offers excellent wear properties and vibration deadening without compromising the load capacity of the lift truck. Available for 4”, 5” & 6” wide forks; mounting bracket measures 24” in length. Sold in sets including mounting brackets with adhesive and a pair of Fork-Kushions. Ultra Soft Black Kushion ITEM MATERIAL FORK WIDTH PRICE KPF-3410-SET-A ULTRA SOFT BLACK 4” $470.00 KPF-3510-SET-A ULTRA SOFT BLACK 5” $520.00 KPF-3420-SET-A SOFT RED 4” $490.00 KPF-3520-SET-A SOFT RED 5” $540.00 KPF-3440-SET-A GENERAL PURPOSE YELLOW 4” $550.00 KPF-3540-SET-A GENERAL PURPOSE YELLOW 5” $630.00 KPFN-5447-SET-A CUT RESISTANT 4” $670.00 KPFN-5547-SET-A CUT RESISTANT 5” $740.00 KP-5447-SET-A MAXIMUM IMPACT 4” $590.00 KP-5547-SET-A MAXIMUM IMPACT 5” $650.00 Fork-Kushions * Prices are subject to change without notice. Shipping extra on all products. *Returns are subject to a restocking fee plus shipping charges. Quickly create a safe and complete visual barrier zone in virtually any indoor application. The Portable Safety Zone is easy to transport and is simple to set up or take down. The slim design allows for easy storage and accessibility. The optional LED Light Package creates a clear awareness of the Portable Safety Zone location in low light conditions. The Portable Safety Zone Barrier System features: • 100’ of Safety Orange Fencing. • Easy to Use. • Fence Locking System. • Fits Through 30” Doorways. • Includes 4 Posts, 4 Rubber Base Pads & 4 Magnetic Fence Clips. • Light Weight & Easy to Transport. • Safety Orange Powder Coated Steel Construction. Safety Zone Barrier System 70-6030-C $1,63000 Optional LED Light Package 70-6036-C $23000