LET OUR EXPERTS TAKE THE HASSLE OUT OF SERVICING YOUR EQUIPMENT PLAN TYPES service / repair Whether your forklifts are brand new or seen better days, they are still the life blood of your business! So it makes perfect sense that when you need repairs or routine maintenance, then you will want to turn to someone you can trust! The certified service professionals at The Lilly Company are factory trained to perform service work on YOUR equipment, regardless of brand or equipment type. As a matter of fact, we can handle most any kind of repair from the very simple all the way to the extremely complicated, and generally, at your facility! In addition, we offer many different types of service programs designed to keep your equipment running at peak efficiency, while keeping the costs as minimal as possible. Why not let The Lilly Company’s service “Experts” take the worry out of your maintenance nightmares? WHEN IS A “GOOD” TIME FOR YOUR EQUIPMENT TO BREAK MAINTENANCE OPTIONS PLANNEND VS. FULL MAINTENANCE PM FM - Each unit set on time interval (30,60,90) - Provides basic oil & filter changes plus inspection of unit. Quote needed repairs. - Each PM perfromed at a specific flat labor rate plus parts & materials. - Agreed Repairs performed at preferred labor rates. - Customer managed fleet. - Each unit placed on factory recommended PM schedule based on application. - Flat rate each month is based on survey & estimated usage and provides all PM’s and recommended repairs at no additional charge. - Loaner provided for longer than normal repairs. - Dealer manged fleet. OUR FORKLIFTS CARRY A LOT OF WEIGHT. SO DOES OUR NAME. The Toyota family tree begins in Japan, but we also have deep roots in the heartland of the United States. In 1990, we opened our world-class Columbus, Indiana plant, which has produced over 750,000 forklifts right here in the U.S. Totaling more than a million square feet on 126 acres, this location houses our National Headquarters, manufacturing, Training Center and distribution hub for forklifts and parts. It also includes our National Customer Center, featuring a 360-degree showroom and live product demonstration arena for our visitors and dealers. As one of the most recognized and respected brands in the world, the Toyota nameplate is synonymous with quality, durability, and value. It also provides a sense of confidence that few companies can match. Every forklift that rolls out of our Columbus plant is a product of the legendary Toyota Production System – which features Justin-Time parts delivery and quality checks at every step of the manufacturing process. As long as our forklifts carry the Toyota name, we’ll continue striving to improve processes and quality.