Cap-Off Battery Cap Removal Tool MH9900F-E $1700 Cap-Off Battery Cap Removal Tool • Removes all types of battery caps quickly and easily • Eliminates hand contact with acid soiled caps • The ergonomic solution to check water levels in your battery • Holds cap in tool for quick re-installation Makes battery maintenance fast and safe! Battery Care Box BATBOX-C $25000 The Battery Care Box Proper battery care requires special tools and personal protection equipment in order to do the job right. The Battery Care Box puts it all together for you in one box. MSDS information requires specific personal protection equipment since all forklift batteries contain sulfuric acid. This acid often escapes in normal use and comes in contact with skin or eyes if unprotected. Protect your workers that need to service batteries in your workplace. This complete Battery Personal Protection Equipment Kit mounts conveniently on any wall so that everything is within easy reach. The self-contained kit comes with: neoprene safety gloves, safety goggles, face shield, apron, flashlight, hydrometer and a cap-off removal tool. Board size: 34” W x 20” L Complete Battery PPE Kit in a Box! • Face Shield • Goggles • Apron • Neoprene Gloves • Flash Light • Hydrometer •”No Smoking” Sign • Cap-Off Battery Cap Removal Tool • Batt 1000 Battery Cleaner and Acid Neutralizer • Acid Spill Neutralizer • Plastic Storage Box Complete Battery Handling PPE Kit BCHG-E $14000 All MSDS information sheets require this PPE when working around sulfuric acid. FACT: ITEM DESCRIPTION PRICE POS(B)-C Board Only $60.00 NEO-C Neoprene Gloves $15.00 SHLD-C Face Shield $25.00 APRN-C Safety Apron $17.00 GOGG-C Safety Goggles $10.00 HYDR-C Hydrometer $25.00 MH9900F-E Cap-Off $17.00 FLSH-C Flashlight $4.00 *Items Sold Separately Includes: BATTERY SAFETY • This 2” x 5’ Battery Changing sling has been designed to hook onto the eye bolt holes on both side of the battery. Attach the Battery Sling to a forklift truck to facilitate lifting the battery out of the truck. • 2-ply polyester sling webbing • Working Load Limit: 5,000 lbs Battery Sling Battery Sling BS22-05-D $19500 Pogo stick style cable retractor (40” high) mounts to battery stands or wall brackets. Spring on bottom allows forklift operators to pull charger cables to their truck battery. When driver unplugs connector from battery, the retractor returns to upright position keeping connectors from shattering on the floor. Comes with all hardware to install. Battery Cable Tower Battery Cable Tower 127600-C $16000 Hold battery cable in place with 100 lb magnet. Prevents cable and connector damage by keeping them where you want them. Reduces floor damage of chargers and allows for a clean and safe floor area (universal fit). Dimensions: 24.13” deep x 24.13” tall. Supports up to 400 lbs on a wall with sufficient bearing strength. Battery Cable Magnet CABLEMAG-D $3200 Wall Mounted Charger Brackets CWB-A $29000 Battery Cable Magnet Wall Mounted Charger Brackets Heat Shrink PVC Battery Cable Protector Battery Cable Connectors • 3” Heat Shrink forms over SB350 connector and cable. • Protects cables and connector from damage. • Allows personnel to separate connectors safely when pulling from the cables. • Prevents damage to cables when pinched by hood. 3” with 2:1 shrink ratio 12” HSPVC12-G .........................................................................$2000 3” with 2:1 shrink ratio 18” HSPVC18-G ........................................................................$3000 Step 1: Cut heat shrink to desired length Step 2: Fit heat shrink over connector & cable Step 3: Apply heat gun to heat shrink Step 4: While still warm, place back into connector so heat shrink will cool to desired shape ITEM CONNECTORS WITH LUGS PRICE 350GRKIT-E SMH 350 Amp Connector Grey Plastic Housing with 2/0 Lugs and Handle $19 95 350REKIT-E SMH 350 Amp Connector Red Plastic Housing with 2/0 Lugs and Handle $19 95 175GRKIT-E SMH 175 Amp Connector Grey Plastic Housing with 1/0 Lugs and Handle $15 95 175REKIT-E SMH 175 Amp Connector Red Plastic Housing with 1/0 Lugs and Handle $15 95 350GRL2-E SMH 350 Amp Connector Grey Plastic Housing with 2/0 Lugs $16 95 350REL2-E SMH 350 Amp Connector Red Plastic Housing with 2/0 Lugs $16 95 175GRL1-E SMH 175 Amp Connector Grey Plastic Housing with 1/0 Lugs $12 95 175REL1-E SMH 175 Amp Connector Red Plastic Housing with 1/0 Lugs $12 95 CONNECTORS ONLY 350GR-E SMH 350 Amp Connector Grey Plastic Housing Only $11 95 350RE-E SMH 350 Amp Connector Red Plastic Housing Only $11 95 350BL-E SMH 350 Amp Connector Blue Plastic Housing Only $11 95 175GR-E SMH 175 Amp Connector Grey Plastic Housing Only $8 95 175RE-E SMH 175 Amp Connector Red Plastic Housing Only $8 95 HANDLES ONLY HANGR-E 350/175 Amp Grey Connector Handle $8 95 HANRE-E 350/175 Amp Red Connector Handle $8 95 The 175 Amp and 350 Amp Battery Connector Kits come complete with high strength polycarbonate housing, (2) silver plated connector lugs and convenient connector handle. The plastic housing is also available separately to replace any currently damaged connectors. The connector handle provides a gripping point to disconnect the cables from batteries or chargers without having to pull from the cables themselves resulting in costly damages. Dimensions: 175 Amp Connector: 3.13” x 2.19” x 1” 350 Amp Connector: 4.25” x 2.75” x 1.31” Specifications: • Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Construction • Silver Plated Lugs Offer Superior Conductivity • Stainless Steel Retaining Springs Secure Contacts in Housing for a Consistent Connection • Mechanical Keys in Housing Help Prevent Mating of Different Color Connectors • Voltage Rating: 600V • UL Rated BATTERY SAFETY BATTERY SAFETY Buy it Online! All the products in this catalog can be found on www LiftTruckStuff com 18 * Prices are subject to change without notice. Shipping extra on all products. Buy it Online! Free Stuff! Posters, Videos & Articles 19 *Returns are subject to a restocking fee plus shipping charges.