STORAGE SOLUTIONS Let Us Design A Solution For Your Warehouse That Actually Works! • Broom height: 9” • Bristle height: 8” • Brush rows: 5 • Quick-Tite fork mount: Standard (5” width) • Brush sections: replaceable polypropylene • Broom mainframe: one-piece, solid aircraft aluminum extrusion • Mounting hardware: high-quality powder-coated steel 60” ValuSweep VSWP-60-A $1,11000 Dust Mop Attachment 60” VSWP-60-DM-A $27000 Replacement Brush 60” VSWP-60-RB-A $37000 Versatile operation Broom works in either push or pull mode. Quick-Tite fork pockets Simply attach to most forklifts. Easy brush replacement Features long lasting polypropylene fixed brush sections. Optional dust mop Ideal for sweeping fine material on polished floors. 48” ValuSweep VSWP-48-A $97000 Replacement Brush 48” VSWP-48-RB-A $34000 FORK POCKETS INCLUDED! Quick and Easy! 60” AR Magnetic Sweeper 60ARFP-B $87000 48” AR Magnetic Sweeper 48ARFP-B $76000 72” AR Magnetic Sweeper 72ARFP-B $97000 36” AR Magnetic Sweeper 36ARFP-B $63000 Mag-Kaddy The Mag-Kaddy is a plastic portable storage unit that can hold a wide range of items a lift truck operator may need on a daily basis. The Mag-Kaddy measures 9.5” long x 7.5” wide x 5.5” high and secures onto the lift truck with a strong magnet at its base. Also includes (2) removable compartment separators. Mag-Kaddy SY1197-B $6500 Bottom of Mag-Kaddy with magnet Mag-Kaddy Attaches to truck with a 100 lb magnet FORKL I FT Stu f f ! Magnetic Sweeper The Most Durable, Innovative Magnetic Sweeper on the Market! By applying pressure to any of the attachment toe plates, this unique design allows easy and safe debris removal. A simple and effective operation, debris is released from the hinged aluminum collector plate at your convenience! Multi-Surface Magnet The Multi-Surface Magnet comes with 7” wheels and a removable handle for easy storage. Powerful magnets are enclosed in a heavy gauge aluminum shell. The optional rake loosens metal debris from grass or gravel, allowing the magnet to snap them up. This magnet works well over concrete, grass, gravel, etc. 24” Multi-Surface Magnet MSM24-A $32000 36” Multi-Surface Magnet MSM36-A $37000 48” Multi-Surface Magnet MSM48-A $42000 INCLUDES LOAD RELEASE FEATURE MAGKADDY-B $10