Handy-Mag Tape Gun Handy-Mag Clipboard Handy-Mag Utility Box Handy-Mag Trio This high quality tape gun with 100 lbs test magnet makes packaging and shipping a breeze. Use the magnet to place your tape gun on any metal surface for easy access and convenience. This durable aluminum clipboard with 100 lbs test magnet allows you to carry important paperwork such as packing slips, invoices, work orders, inventory lists or checklists anywhere. Paperwork will never be lost or misplaced. Use the magnet to place your clipboard on any metal surface for easy access and convenience. Use this multi-purpose utility box to carry pens, box cutters, markers, scissors, tools and more. The Handy-Mag Utility Box can also be used as a drink holder on a forklift or on any powered industrial truck. The box can hold and fit a bottle of water, canned drink or coffee cup securely. Includes (1) 100 lbs test magnet that can attach to the bottom or side of the box (Optional second magnet available). Use the magnet to place your utility box on any metal surface for easy access and convenience. Handy-Mag Tape Gun MAGGUN-E $2800 Handy-Mag Clipboard MAGBOARD-E $2800 Handy-Mag Utility Box MAGBOX-E $2800 *Tape Roll Not Included. Measures 4” x 3.5” x 5.25”H @ 2 lbs. Holds various sizes of tools and drinks. Measures 9” x 12.5” @ 1 lbs. For use with 8.5” x 11” sheets of paper. Equipped with spring loaded clip. (1) 100 lbs test strength magnet. Flexible and durable aluminum construction. Measures 9.5” x 6” x 2.75” @ 2 lbs. For use with 2” tape rolls. Equipped with blade cover flap to prevent injury. (1) 100lbs test strength magnet. Ergonomic rubber hand grip. Metal frame. 100 lbs. Magnet Comfort Grip Rubber Handle 5 or More Units $2300 5 or More Units $2300 5 or More Units $2300 100 lbs. Magnet keeps the clipboard in place Holds tools to pens to knives to water bottles. Magnet can be attached to the side OR on the bottom. *(Standard configuration on the bottom) (1) 100 lbs test strength magnet. Durable nylon construction. Handy-Mag Trio MAGTRIO-E $7000 Trio Includes: Handy-Mag Tape Gun Handy-Mag Clipboard Handy-Mag Utility Box Orange Polyester Work Gloves Protect your hands with the Polyester Work Gloves. Coated with a polyurethane coating to protect from cuts and abrasions while providing excellent grip on all surfaces. Highly visible safety orange color. Only available in one size to fit all (Size XL). Sold in packs of 12 pairs. Orange Polyester Work Gloves Size XL ORPUGLOVES-D $130 Highly visible bright orange color 13 Gauge Polyester Liner Cut Level: 1 Abrasion Level: 4 Size: XL /pair HOPPERS Low Profile 90° Self-Dumping Hoppers MODEL H • 900 tilt • 1/4 to 1-1/2 cubic yard capacity • Weight capacities up to 6,000 lb. • Powder coated finish • Low profile design • Optional casters and lids available • Fork pockets measure 7” wide by 2’ high ITEM CAPACITY GAUGE OF STEEL PRICE H-25-LD-A 2,000 lbs. 12 $1,020.00 H-50-LD-A 2,000 lbs. 12 $1,170.00 H-100-LD-A 2,000 lbs. 12 $1,390.00 H-150-LD-A 2,000 lbs. 12 $1,590.00 H-25-MD-A 4,000 lbs. 10 $1,070.00 H-50-MD-A 4,000 lbs. 10 $1,220.00 H-100-MD-A 4,000 lbs. 10 $1,420.00 H-150-MD-A 4,000 lbs. 10 $1,760.00 H-25-HD-A 6,000 lbs. 8 $1,150.00 H-50-HD-A 6,000 lbs. 8 $1,310.00 H-100-HD-A 6,000 lbs. 8 $1,620.00 H-150-HD-A 6,000 lbs. 8 $2,040.00 ITEM CAPACITY GAUGE OF STEEL PRICE D-200-LD-A 2,000 lbs. 12 $1,920.00 D-300-LD-A 2,000 lbs. 12 $3,210.00 D-200-MD-A 4,000 lbs. 10 $2,170.00 D-300-MD-A 4,000 lbs. 10 $3,420.00 D-33-HD-A 6,000 lbs. 7 $1,390.00 D-50-HD-A 6,000 lbs. 7 $1,520.00 D-75-HD-A 6,000 lbs. 7 $1,660.00 D-100-HD-A 6,000 lbs. 7 $1,970.00 D-150-HD-A 6,000 lbs. 7 $2,280.00 D-200-HD-A 6,000 lbs.. 7 $2,620.00 D-250-HD-A 6,000 lbs. 7 $3,080.00 D-300-HD-A 6,000 lbs. 7 $3,560.00 67° Self-Dumping Hoppers with Bumper Release MODEL D • 670 degree tilt • Hopper release bumper • Automatically returns to locked position after dumping • Capacities up to 6,000 lb., 3 cubic yards • Powder coated finish • Fork pockets measure 7-1/2” wide by 2-1/2’ high ITEM CAPACITY PRICE HDROP-25-LD-A 2,000 lbs. $1,410.00 HDROP-50-LD-A 2,000 lbs. $1,560.00 HDROP-100-LD-A 2,000 lbs. $1,840.00 HDROP-150-LD-A 2,000 lbs. $2,050.00 HDROP-25-MD-A 4,000 lbs. $1,470.00 HDROP-50-MD-A 4,000 lbs. $1,630.00 HDROP-100-MD-A 4,000 lbs. $1,890.00 HDROP-150-MD-A 4,000 lbs. $2,240.00 HDROP-25-HD-A 6,000 lbs. $1,560.00 HDROP-50-HD-A 6,000 lbs. $1,740.00 HDROP-100-HD-A 6,000 lbs. $2,100.00 HDROP-150-HD-A 6,000 lbs. $2,550.00 Standard features: • Low-profile design is shorter than traditional hoppers • Drop-down front for easy shovel loading • Drop-down front also serves as ramp for wheel-barrow loading • Manual hand latches used to secure drop-down front • Includes manual pull-cable to dump from seat of fork truck • Full 90° dump angle returns to upright position when lowered to ground • Heavy-duty latch mechanism for safety • Safety strap to secure unit to forklift • Durable powder coat blue finish Drop Down Hopper Standard Features: • Heavy-duty welded steel construction with 2,000 lbs. capacity • Portable with two rigid and two swivel 4" x 2" glass filled nylon casters • Overall size is 54-1/2"W x 66-5/16"D x 53-13/16"H • Usable size is 52"W x 59-7/8"D x 48"H Open Ended Hopper Open front hopper design allows for easy loading of cardboard and other items, while the high sides prevent sideways spillage. The Hopper is mounted to a fork pocket base for use with forklifts for lifting & dumping with the simple pull of a cable. Open Ended Hopper HOP-OE-A $2,46000 Green Grey Orange White Yellow Galvanized All hoppers are available in the following colors. Call for pricing. *Please contact us regarding any volume or dimension specs of this product. *Please contact us regarding any volume or dimension specs of this product. *Please contact us regarding any volume or dimension specs of this product. MATERIAL HANDLING MAGNET-E (Extra Magnet) $1000 51 *Returns are subject to a restocking fee plus shipping charges. * Prices are subject to change without notice. Shipping extra on all products. 50