Anti-Blind Spot Dome Mirror Reduce back strain with the Ergo Back-up Handle. Operators who are required to travel frequently in reverse often grab the overhead guard. This is a dangerous practice and has resulted in serious injuries. • Eases back stress when turning around • Fits any lift truck • Installs in minutes • Keeps operators hand inside the operator compartment • Optional horn switch allows operator to keep left hand on steering wheel Back-Up Handle BUPH-1-D $5500 Ergo Back-up Handle Lift truck operators need to know what is going on all around the lift truck. This mirror gives a complete 1800 view allowing the operator to do a quick safety check before they travel in reverse. Installs on any lift truck in seconds with 3M two sided tape. Also available with a durable magnetic arm to attach to any metal surface. Back-Up Handle w/ Horn Button BUPH-2-D $7000 9” Dome Mirror with Adhesive 9” Dome Mirror with Magnet Arm Mount 9” Dome Mirror with Adhesive DOME-1-D $6000 Mega Mirror with Magnetic Arm Mount MEGAM-D $8000 Mega Mirror for 45 Degree Overhead Guards MEGAM45-D $9000 Side-View Mirror with Magnetic Arm Mount SIDEM-D $8000 9” Dome Mirror with Magnet Arm Mount DOMEM-1-D........................................................... $8000 Mega Mirror Side-View Mirror The mega mirror can mount on the overhead guard in seconds using the magnetic arm attachment. Provides a wide angle view of the operator’s surroundings for safety and ideal for travelling in reverse. The side-view miror can mount anywhere in the operator’s compartment in seconds using the magnetic arm attachment. Provides a side-view of the operator’s surroundings for safety. Dimensions: 17-3/4”W X 3-1/4”H Dimensions: 4-1/2”W X 8”H Back-Up Handle w/ Built-In Horn Unit BUPH-3-D $10500 *Made of Acrylic *Made of Acrylic *Made of Acrylic SAFETY ACCESSORIES Accu-Height ACCUHEIGHT-E $3000 Accu-Height Fork Height Indicator The higher the lift, the harder it is to judge the correct height of the forks. Accu-Height is a simple sticker set that allows the operator to quickly know the right height of the forks at various rack levels. No more guessing if the forks are at the right height. Once the stickers are in place, the operator can quickly go to the right height. It only takes 15 minutes to install. * Accu-Height is to be used with Accu-Tilt or Safe-Tilt By matching the indicator sticker with the color marker, the correct fork height is obtained to enter the pallet safety. Correct Fork Height for Entry and Exit of Pallet Park Level Travel The Safe-Tilt easily mounts on the lift truck mast telling you the exact position of the forks, from park, to level, to travel. The Safe-Tilt also comes with sticker labels to specify additional tilt angles. Safe-Tilt Fork Angle Indicator Safe-Tilt SAFETLT-B $18000 • Saves time with tilting • Less product damage • Increases safety • Fits any tilt mast lift truck • Neatly fits behind the mast rail so it does not negatively effect visibility • Located at eye level so it is easy for the operator to quickly glance at fork level With easy installation, easy calibration and operation, the Safe-Tilt is a must have for any tilt mast lift truck operator. Installs in less than 5 minutes without any tools. “Attaches to any counterbalance forklift mast in just minutes” Accu-Tilt Fork Tilt Level Indicator • Reduce product damage • Reduce rack damage • Reduce pallet damage • Increase productivity • Decrease training time for new operators The Accu-Tilt shows the operator the level of the forks at all times thereby reducing potential damage by piercing product or racking and increasing productivity by eliminating the guess work. Easy to install and for the operator to understand. It pays for itself in a manner of weeks. Installs in 2 minutes without any tools on any counterbalance lift truck. Accu-Tilt ACCUTILT-B $19000 Accu-Tilt with Accu-Height ACCUTILT-H-B $21000 Front View This is the display the operator sees when looking through the mast. SAFETY ACCESSORIES 23 *Returns are subject to a restocking fee plus shipping charges. * Prices are subject to change without notice. Shipping extra on all products. 22